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  • When running Fledermaus for the first time right click the Fledermaus icon and choose 'Run as Administrator'.
  • If you are looking for our free viewer please see our iView4D page.
  • If you are wondering if Fledermaus will run on your system please visit our Hardware Requirements and Platform Overview pages.

QPD Compatibility


Fledermaus 7.5 uses a new version of the QPD format that is incompatible with the previous releases of Fledermaus (7.4.5.b and older), Qimera (1.0.7 and older), and QINSy (older than 2015.11.28.1) software. Opening an older QPD file in Fledermaus 7.5 will upgrade it to the new version, making the QPD unusable in older versions of the noted QPS applications. If this will break your current workflow, and you can not upgrade the newer versions of Qimera and QINSy, we do not advise upgrading to Fledermaus 7.5 at this time.

The new version of the QPD format is compatible with the current and future versions of Qimera (1.1 and newer), Fledermaus (7.5.0 and newer), and QINSy (2015.11.28.1 and newer).



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