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Support & Maintenance 

Before installing a new release, please check with the HASP loader if you have a valid Support & Maintenance agreement in place.

When you install QINSy with a release date beyond the expiry date of your Support & Maintenance agreement please be aware of the following:

During installation of the new version, the previous QINSy version will be uninstalled automatically. When you then try to start the new version you may be notified that 'The Support and Maintenance period is expired'. You will then have to re-install a version released prior to the expiry date of the Support & Maintenance. When you don't have access to the Internet or do not have a backup of the previous version at hand, you might run into trouble.
When you don't have a valid Support & Maintenance agreement, the dongle can still be used with QINSy versions released prior to the expiry date of the Support & Maintenance. 

For further questions, please contact us or our resellers.



To download our products please login with your Support Ticket System account or Download account. If you require a download account please click on the Register New Account button next to the Login button.


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If you already have an account for our Support Ticket System you do not need to register! To download our products, just login with the same username and password.


The information provided will be used to contact you when there is information about the downloaded product. None of this information will be shared or distributed. See our Privacy Policy for details.

Please click Close after registration is succeeded.


Please enter the e-mail address used for registration. You will receive an e-mail with a link which will enable you to change your password.


Password reset is only for download accounts. If you have a QPS Support Ticket account you can reset your password here.

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