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Support & Maintenance 

Before installing a new release, please check with the HASP loader if you have a valid Support & Maintenance agreement in place.

When you install QINSy with a release date beyond the expiry date of your Support & Maintenance agreement please be aware of the following:

During installation of the new version, the previous QINSy version will be uninstalled automatically. When you then try to start the new version you may be notified that 'The Support and Maintenance period is expired'. You will then have to re-install a version released prior to the expiry date of the Support & Maintenance. When you don't have access to the Internet or do not have a backup of the previous version at hand, you might run into trouble.
When you don't have a valid Support & Maintenance agreement, the dongle can still be used with QINSy versions released prior to the expiry date of the Support & Maintenance. 

For further questions, please contact us or our resellers .

Downloading and installing a new version of QINSy

  • Make sure your Support & Maintenance agreement is valid for the version you would like to install (See Warning and Info boxes above)
  • Click on 'download' of the version you would like to install and select 'Save'
  • The download will be copied to the hard disk of your computer in a zipped format, usually to the Downloads folder
  • Using your file explorer go to the Downloads folder, right-click on the zipped file and unzip it (this may take a while)
  • Go to the unzipped folder and then press the file name with extension .msi
  • The installation will now start, asking you where you would like to place QINSy on your computer


Latest Version

VersionMSIRelease NotesRelease DateCommentPatches

download QINSy (1.1 GB)


download geoid (330 MB)

QINSy 8.15.0 Release Notes


The geoid installer is needed and it needs to be run
before installing QINSy.
Please also check Release Notes for details.

Patch for SSS driver
When installing the QINSy MSI, you also need to install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5. A download link to its location on the Microsoft website may be found in the 'Other ' section of this web page.

Previous Versions

VersionMSIRelease NotesRelease DateCommentPatches

download (1.5 GB)


Patch for Laser driver

QINSy 8.14.1 Release Notes


See also the Known Issues for this version 8.14.1
An EGM2008 geoid installer is available, see previous version 8.14.0


Release notes for older versions can be found here: QINSy Release Notes


VersionMSIRelease Notes
2.30.2015.12.03.1download (470 MB)Qloud 2.30.2015.12.03.1 Release Notes


FileVersionMSI / EXEComment
QINSy Knowledge Bases1.0download (242 MB)Chinese, German, Russian and Spanish
AIS Static Bin download (10.8 MB) 
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 locationMicrosoft download location
C-Map installer 4.5 download (108 MB)Only required when using C-Map ENCs
ER Mapper software for ECW download (33.5 MB)Only required when using ECW charts
Hymedis Client download (694 KB)Dutch/Belgian hydro/meteo system
EGM2008 model2.0download (793 MB)EGM2008 Geoid model for QINSy version 8.14.0 and up
OPC Core Components Redistributable download (4 MB)Needed for the OPC server plugin driver
QINSy example databases download (35.6 MB)For demo/training purposes



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