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A recent update to Windows 10 could cause Qimera to run very slowly. We are currently working on a solution. If you encounter this problem it is advised to temporarily revert back to the previous Windows 10 state (as it was before the update). This can be done as follows:

Go to the Start Menu and select Settings -> Update & Security -> Recovery -> 'Go back to an earlier build'

During installation of the new version, the previous Qimera version may be uninstalled automatically. When you then try to start the new version you may be notified that 'The Support and Maintenance period is expired'. You will then have to re-install a version released prior to the expiry date of the Support & Maintenance. When you don't have access to the Internet or do not have a backup of the previous version at hand, you might run into trouble.

The latest Qimera 1.5.0 installer no longer includes the QPS Geoid Height Models. A separate installer for these models can be found under the DLC section below, as well as on the QINSy downloads page. This package is required by QINSy, so the models may already be installed on your machine.

Latest Version

VersionRelease DateOperating SystemFileSize

Qimera 1.5.0
(Release Notes)


QINSy Geodetics files now a separate installer

(See DLC section below)

2017-04-04Windows (64 bit) Qimera- MB
Qimera- MB
Mac OS XComing soon... 

Coming soon...


Previous Versions

VersionRelease DateOperating SystemFileSize
Qimera 1.4.4
(Release Notes)
2017-03-17Windows (64 bit) Qimera- MB
Qimera- MB
Mac OS XQimera- MB
LinuxQimera- MB
Qimera 1.3.6
(Release Notes)
2016-11-08Windows (64 bit)Qimera- MB
Qimera- MB
Mac OS XQimera- MB
LinuxQimera- MB
Qimera 1.2.5
(Release Notes)
2016-06-14 Windows (64 bit)Qimera- MB
Qimera- MB
Mac OS XQimera- MB
Qimera 1.1.3
(Release Notes)
2016-02-23Windows (64 bit)Qimera- MB
Qimera- MB
Mac OS X


563 MB


ComponentVersionCommentOperating SystemFileSize
QPS Geodetic Package2.0.2QPS Geoid Height Models packageWindowsQPS-Geodetics-2.0.2-Windows-Installer.msi333 MB
Mac OS XQPS-Geodetics-2.0.2-Mac-Installer.pkg331 MB
LinuxQPS-Geodetics-2.0.2-Linux-Installer.zip330 MB

Geoid Model

2.0Additional geoid model not included with base installationWindowsEGM2008-2.0-Windows-Installer.msi 793⁠ MB
Mac OS XEGM2008-2.0-Mac-Installer.pkg    777 MB    787⁠ MB

Note for users who are currently using Qimera 1.2.0:

We recommend that anyone using Qimera 1.2.0 upgrade to 1.2.1 or later immediately.
We found a bug in how file formats are identified in the version 1.2.0 of Qimera, which was released on March 15th, 2016. This issue affects users who try to open projects from previous versions of Qimera in version 1.2.0. Attempting to process files could result in processing errors or inaccurate licensing errors.
Qimera release 1.2.1 or greater fixes this problem. Any projects created or opened in Qimera 1.2.0 will be automatically corrected by versions 1.2.1 and higher. Please do not open projects from previous versions in Qimera 1.2.0, upgrade to 1.2.1 before you continue your work.
We apologize for any inconvenience this bug may have caused. We would also like to thank our users for relaying information on this problem back in a very timely and well described manner.

Note on QPD compatibility:

As of the release of Qimera 1.1, Qimera uses a new version of the QPD format that is incompatible with the previous releases of Fledermaus (7.4.5.b and older), Qimera (1.0.7 and older), and QINSy (older than 2015.11.28.1) software. Opening an older QPD file in Qimera 1.1 or newer will upgrade it to the new version, making the QPD unusable in older versions of the noted QPS applications. If this will break your current workflow, and you can not upgrade the newer versions of Fledermaus and QINSy, we do not advise upgrading to Qimera 1.2 at this time.

The new version of the QPD format is compatible with the current and future versions of Qimera (1.1 and newer), Fledermaus (7.5.0 and newer), and QINSy (2015.11.28.1 and newer).



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