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The following table lists the minimum and recommended hardware specifications for PC machines running Intel Based hardware. For information on which operating systems and platforms are supported, see our Platforms Overview page.

Minimum Machine Configuration
CPUPentium 4 2.4GHz / AMD Athlon 64 3000+
Graphics CardNVidia GeForce 4 / ATI x800. OpenGL 3.0+
Mouse2 Button with Scroll Wheel or 3 button mouse
Recommended Machine Configuration
CPUIntel i5 2.4Ghz+ / AMD Phenom II
Graphics CardNVidia GeForce 660 series or greater. Quadro 4000+ / AMD Radeon RL 7 series or greater. OpenGL 3.0+
Monitor1600x1200 or greater
Mouse2 Button with Scroll Wheel or 3 button mouse
Extra notes
  • 64 Bit operating systems are supported. Please make sure that you are using the Fledermaus 64Bit version in order to get the most from your system and memory usage.
  • Dual head support is highly desirable especially in demanding data processing tasks.
  • Active Stereo is only supported by the Nvidia Quadro series and the 3D Labs Wildcat cards.



Fledermaus Platform Overview


Updated: 14 aug, 2014 14:44