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New Features in QINSy release 8.10.2014.01.28.1

In the latest release of QINSy (8.10.2014.01.28.1) the majority of the Line Data Manager functionality has been integrated into the Processing Manager. The Line Data Manager functionality may be found in a separate ribbon which becomes available after selecting a Line file in the Project Explorer pane. A Line file may either be newly created by selecting the New Line from the File menu or by importing from a AutoCAD DXF, DWG or Microstation DGN file. An option is also included to export the data to AutoCAD DXF file format where by the following AutoCAD versions are supported: R13, R14, 2000, 2004, 2007, & 2010.



Also in this release, Advanced Catenary Support has been added, where it is possible in real time to use advanced catenary tools to compute the tow cables & anchor chains involved in a rig move using a rig and one or more anchor handling tugs. This release of QINSy allows for a template file to be loaded and after which certain parameters may be changed in real time (i.e. tow wire length, anchor chain length, anchor status, rig and tug locations). During each computation cycle the catenary of both the tow wire and the anchor chain and the location of the anchor are computed after which they are displayed in the 3D Grid display.


Check our Videos section for a demo of the Advanced Catenary Support and many other videos.


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