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Everyone at QPS is pleased to announce that Fledermaus 7.4.0 is now available for download. Many new features and improvements have been made with this release:

  • The core rendering engine has been greatly improved and will take better advantage of modern graphic card capabilities. The greatest improvement with this release is for surface objects, which will now be much less degraded during interactive mode. The software now has a requirement that your graphics card support OpenGL 2.1 or newer.
  • QINSy projects can now be directly opened in Fledermaus and used with the Fledermaus area based editing tools. All edits are immediately applied to the QPS files in Fledermaus, so no unload is required.
  • The Mac OS/X distribution is now 64-bit and replaces the previous 32-bit version.
  • All Fledermaus applications now share a common installation location with QINSy. Common files, such as datum grid shift files are shared across applications.
  • You can now easily install separate 32-bit and 64-bit installations of Fledermaus (Windows only).
  • The Windows installation can now be installed locally for one user, or globally for all users of a machine.
  • The licensing management and user interface has been greatly improved and has better functionality for multi-user installations.
  • The Fledermaus applications now use a common geo-referencing engine with QINSy, which means all coordinate systems defined in QINSy are also supported in the Fledermaus tools.

Please check the Fledermaus Release Notes 7.3.4.a - 7.4.5.b for further technical details.


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