Blog from June, 2014

The American Polyconic projection may be visualized as "rolling" a cone tangent to the Earth at all parallels of latitude, instead of a single cone as in a normal conic projection. Each parallel is a circular arc of true scale. The scale is also true on the central meridian of the projection. The American Polyconic projection is used in Brazil and the South Pacific.


QPS recently added the option within the QINSy Processing Manager to group your data based on multiple levels of associated metadata. This is a very powerful option giving you the ability to present or organize your survey data files in numerous ways. Simply by dragging one or more column headings, the user may group the data files based on any metadata field. Examples of these fields are vessel name, start date/time, etc…

The Project Explorer window below shows the Project Tree on the left and the Detail View on the right:


Detail View after dragging the ‘Vessel Name’ column heading to be used to filter survey files:



Once the user is content with the chosen grouping settings, they may be stored and then accessed by the Preset drop down list. Grouped data can be highlighted in the Plan View by simply selecting the group in the Detail View. The tracks of the selected data will be drawn in the Plan View using a thicker line.



For further information and about the QINSy Processing Manager, please see the link below: