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Line Data Manager Functionality

The majority of the Line Data Manager functionality has been integrated into the Processing Manager. Future QINSy versions will likely include the as yet not ported functions. For the time being the Line Data Manager may be used to perform these functions. In preparation for new functionality the Processing Manager stores the survey line data in two file formats. The first file format is the PRO-file format which is also used in the Line Data Manager and the second format is the QGF-file format. In future releases the QGF-file format will be used throughout QINSy.

Line Data Manager showing PRO-file

The Line Data Manager functionality may be found in a separate ribbon which becomes available after selecting a Line file in the Project Explorer pane. A Line file may either be newly created by selecting the New Line from the File menu or by importing from a AutoCAD DXF, DWG or Microstation DGN file. An option is also included to export the data to AutoCAD DXF file format where by the following AutoCAD versions are supported: R13, R14, 2000, 2004, 2007, & 2010.

Improved workflow to generate grid from QPDs

Only two steps need to be executed in order to fill a grid using a number of QPDs:

1.Select QPDs which are to be added to the grid file
2.Select/Create the grid file and additional properties.

Selecting QPDs to add to grid file

Selecting grid file and additional properties


Improved workflow to edit data using Qloud

It is no longer necessary to separately group the QPDs. The user may just select the QPD files and choose the edit in Qloud option.

Selecting QPDs to be edited in Qloud


Once the correct files have been selected the QTM file settings may entered. This dialog gives the user control over which systems will be part of the QTM file and what information will be transferred into the quality field of the QTM file. In case a Navigation Surface was created the program will re-use as many settings as possible.

QTM settings dialog


Once the QTM file creation is finished Qloud will open to allow processing. While processing in Qloud the QPD files will remain marked as locked in the Processing Manager.

QPDs being edited in Qloud shown as locked


When the processing is finished and Qloud is closed the user is given the option to immediately synchronize the changes made to the QTM file back to the QPD files.

Synchronize changes in QPD dialog 


The user may however decide not to synchronize the changes in the QTM file to the QPD files. This will allow the user to come back at a later stage and resume editing in Qloud i.e., the next day.

While the changes in the QTM file have not been synchronized back to the QPD files the QPD files remain marked as modified.

QPDs shown as being modified 


Once the user is finished processing the data in Qloud the changes may be synchronized back to the QPD files by using the Synchronize option.



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