Blog from August, 2014

3D Editor in Processing Manager


3D Editor added to Edit ribbon of the Processing Manager


With a valid QLOUD license, now a 3D editor is available in the Processing Manager. First an area needs to be selected and then the editor can be started. The editor has keyboard shortcuts available so that editing can be done by using mouse and keyboard in combination. For further information there is a Howto document available in the Knowledge base and also the online help has a description of the new functionality.


3D Editor module


3D View DTM Surface In Processing Manager

A 3D view is available which shows the navigation surface. The view can be enabled from the View menu. The plan view and 3D view are synchronized so that panning with the middle mouse button in plan view is followed by the 3D view.


3D DTM view


For more information or to download the latest QINSy release, please visit the QINSy release webpage.