Blog from September, 2014

New Export Formats

Quick setup for VisualSoft Export

In the Generic layout editor the option is added to quickly generate a new layout in order to export raw profiler data to VisualSoft's file format. Select from the File pull-down menu option Generate Layout, Export, Visual Works...A dialog will appear where the user only has to select which profiler (or multibeam) system to use. Finally, pressing the generate button will automatically create two layouts, one called XP and one called RAWSURVEY.

These two layouts can be used in the Export Generic Wizard in order to export your raw profiler data to files which can be imported into VisualSoft's VisualEdit Professional Processing software.



LAZ/LAS Data Format Export

In this version of QINSy it is possible with the Processing Manager to export QPD data to the LAS/LAZ format. The LAS format is a public binary format typically used to exchange 3D point cloud data. The format originated in the LIDAR community, and LAZ is a compressed version of the LAS format. The export module supports version 1.2, 1.3 & 1.4.


WCD in SBES Display & WCD Editor

In this version, Water Column Data (raw echogram) support for Single Beam Echo Sounders (WCD SBES) was added to both the online Single Beam Echo Sounder display and the offline Water Column Data Editor. This makes it possible to add the WCD as a background in the Single Beam Echo Sounder display and to monitor the quality of the bottom detection while recording the data. It also makes it possible to monitor any other reflectors present in the water column such as gas seeps, wire or seaweed. See example:


Offline, using the WCD Editor utility (Processing Manager) allows the user to quickly check and even to alter digitized depth (with the changes being written directly to the QPD file), see example: