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In the Fledermaus module, Explore Mode is the primary mode used to interact with your data. When you are in Explore mode, you hold down the left mouse button and move your mouse to rotate around the point of interest (by default, the center of the loaded data), you middle click or push on the scroll button to move the point of interest, you scroll in and out to zoom, and you right click and drag on a DTM surface to create a profile. Using this mode you can quickly and easily move through your dataset.

Explore Mode in Fledermaus.

When you want to select part of the surface, say in order to select an area for cleaning in the 3D Editor, you choose a selection mode – Select, Polygon Select, or Area Select. The Selection Modes changes how your left mouse button operates – left-clicking and dragging the mouse will now create a selection. You can still use the middle mouse button to move location and scroll, but you can't rotate.

Fledermaus Selection Modes. Note that the mode description and hotkey (in parenthesis) become visible when you mouse over the button.

Once you have a selection mode active, you select the location of interest and click Launch 3D Editor to view the point information and clean the data. To move to a new location, you go back to Explore mode, then activate the selection mode again to select the next area. A pro user of the software probably knows that one way to speed up that process is to use the hotkeys: Space Bar for Explore Mode, S for Select Mode, P for Polygon Select Mode, A for Area Select Mode, and the 3 to launch the 3D Editor. However, even a pro user may not be aware that you can temporarily override a selection mode to explore your data by holding down the Shift Key, and then using the mouse as if you were in Explore Mode.

Try it now: Click on Select Mode (or use the S hotkey), then left click and drag the mouse to create a selection rectangle. Now hold down the shift key and use your mouse to move to another part of the dataset. When you are holding the shift key, you will be able to rotate in the scene even when you have the Select Mode activated.

For a demo of this tech tip, watch the movie linked below.


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