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In this version of QINSy, support for True KP was added. This means that it is now possible to compute/show/output KP values based on ellipsoidal distance along the pipe/cable route. In previous versions this was only possible by overriding the KP values at each of the Control Points making up the pipe/cable route. In the most recent version it is no longer necessary to do this. If the user decides to use True KP and modifies the setting as shown below, this is applicable to all KP values computed/shown/output in QINSy.


True KP activation

In order to use the True KP option the user should change the 'Distance Reference' setting in the 'Global Settings' dialog from 'Grid Range' to 'True Range' as shown below:

After activating the new setting the user should restart any modules that are active (i.e. the Controller in an online situation).


Once the new setting is active it is applicable to all KP values as computed/shown/output throughout QINSy. However any files that contain KP values need to be recreated in order to contain True KP values. Currently the only file that contains KP values is the QPD file. Therefore, it is recommended to make sure this setting is correct at the start of a project.


User Supplied KP Values

In case the user has chosen to enter KP values at the control points the modules will compare the entered KP values against the Grid KP values. If the entered KP values match the Grid KP values to within 1 ppm it is assumed that the entered KP values are Grid KP values. In this case the KP values are automatically converted to True KP values when the user decides to change the Global Setting mentioned above. If the difference is larger than 1ppm the user entered KP values will remain active and the changed setting has no influence on the computed/shown/output KP values.


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