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Remote Display Client – RDC

The Remote Display Client or RDC is a tool within QINSy that is used to broadcast QINSy data from the main data acquisition computer to remote computers. 


With the RDC add-on enabled on the QINSy license, QINSy is able to send the actual raw sensor data, computed data, survey line information and bathymetry information to any computer that is in the same network, it is not just video streaming. The only requirement is that QINSy is also installed on the remote computer(s). No USB dongle is required for the remote computers, and there is no limitation on the number of sessions that can be running simultaneously.

Besides sending data, it is also possible to configure the RDC to control the data recording from the remote location. For example, a surveyor is able to oversee and control a survey from a position on the bridge while the main survey computer is in a different location on the vessel where all the system interfacing is done. This allows the surveyor to start and stop the survey recording.

The main survey computer that sends out all the data also controls what others are allowed to see, use or do.



The RDC looks very similar to the QINSy Controller and provides the same display options as the QINSy Controller. The user has the ability to create and configure displays to his/her preference, and it is also possible to define multiple display sets for different operators on different shifts.

Use cases

The RDC option can be used to provide the ROV pilot survey information such as a 3D picture of the ROV hovering above a pipeline, including actual raw and processed multibeam data, bathymetry information from the sounding grid as well as 2D/3D measurements. The RDC can provide the captain with survey information, such as real-time bathymetry being updated in the sounding grid and the survey lines that he is sailing. It can also be used to provide a client representative with survey information in his own cabin, the client rep. is then able to receive survey information and perform quality checks at any given moment without having to bother the online surveyor. If a vessel has an internet connection to an office, the information can also be displayed onshore using the same principles.


An example of a use case can be found on our website under the client spotlight, where tunnel segments were transported over water and placed at the correct location using QINSy and the Remote Display Client.


Ask our sales team for more information about the Remote Display Client.

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