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Drivers Manual

7K Pan and Tilt - 40


Driver for decoding the data from the Pan and Tilt values obtained from the 1017 7K data format message.

Driver Information


7K Pan and Tilt

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UTC Driver (question)


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Coding Notes

Decoding Notes

Communication goes via a binary data stream, using the Seabat 7K format and using the 1017 datagram message.
For more information about this datagram format please refer to the Data Format Definition Document - 7K Data Format version 3.12

Qinsy Configuration

Database Setup

Adding the driver

  1. Add a new Rotation Angle Sensor system to the object in your template database.
  2. Select driver 7K Pan and Tilt .
  3. Fill in the device's port and IP address

Setting up the the observations

This driver decodes both the Pan and Tilt which correspond to the following rotations in Qinsy.

System rotationQinsy rotationSlot value
  1. Add an observation

  2. Define the observation
    1. Select the type of observation;
    2. Define a name for this observation;
    3. Select to which vessel object this observation is relevant;
    4. Select at which node this is observation is observed;
    5. Confirm your settings and press OK.
  3. Assign the appropriate slots to the observations

QPS Only

As of now the DrvSeabat7K.exe has an implementation which circumvents the request for the 7001 message. This is because the data which has been requested for testing did not contain it.