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Aquarius (Port B) - 11

This driver will be discontinued in a future QINSy release. Please contact QPS support if you need to make use of this driver in the future.


Driver to be used to obtain raw GPS pseudo-ranges and various GPS broadcast data (as well as differential corrections) from an Aquarius2 GPS receiver (Thales Ashtech DSNP Sercel). 

Driver Information

Driver Satellite Navigation System  Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Terminated <ETX> 
UTC Driver (question) No  Input / Output Input (two-way) Executable DrvAquarius.exe
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System Configuration

Aquarius2 GPS receivers have four ports (A, B, C and D) and one auxiliary (AUX) port.
The AUX port is used for the PPS signal.
Port A or B must be configured to output the raw GPS data (SVAR!R, SVAR!D, SVAR!E and SVAR!U messages).
No other messages should be outputted.
Easiest is to connect to port B, because this is the only RS232 port on the receiver's rear panel.

It is advisable to have the interfacing two-way, so the driver will send commands to the receiver asking for ephemeredes, iono and UTC parameters.
Therefore it is important to select the correct driver: Aquarius (Port A) or Aquarius (Port B).
If the interfacing is not two-way and you go on-line, it may take more than half an hour before a GPS solution can be calculated, due tot missing ephemeredes.