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ARAN Rut Bar - 20


Driver for the Aran Rutbar sensor. This sensor is used on the Automatic Road Analyzer (ARAN) for profile measurements of roads. The sensor uses a proprietary format that may not be reproduced here.

The driver is configured as a multibeam system and creates XYZ multibeam observations. The number of beams is taken from the calibration data.

This driver will be discontinued in a future Qinsy release. Please contact QPS Support if you need to make use of this driver in the future.

Driver Information

Driver  ARAN Rut Bar Interface Type  Serial Driver Class Type  Counted
UTC Driver (question)  No Input / Output  Input Executable  DrvAranRutBar.exe
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Decoding Notes

The observations are checked for too short to long values, and corrected for the measurement window base. Optionally the value from the calibration sensor can be used as a scale-factor to correct the observations.

The decoded Quality Indicator (QI) can be interpreted as a figure with a range between 0 and 3:


Beam Status


Interpolated (=best quality)




Bad Observation

System Configuration

The Rutbar is connected to a Central Data Acquisition Computer (CDAC) which configures the Rutbar.

The commands from the CDAC and the replies from the Rutbar are both available to Qinsy on the same pin.

Database Setup

The maximum number of beams received from the Rutbar is 39.