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Ashtech CBEN (PASHR CBN) -12


Driver for Ashtech CBEN sentences, containing Global Positioning System position fix data from Ashtech Z12 RTK GPS Receiver. The driver will decode the Position, the PDOP, the Number of Sv's and the RMS value (Root Mean Square). Additionally, if the $GPGGA message is also coming in at the same I/O port, the driver will decode the GPS Quality indicator, the HDOP value, the Reference station ID and Age of differential corrections from this message.

Driver can also send commands from a configuration file to the Ashtech receiver. If a configuration file is saved to the file name: "DrvAshtechCBEN.txt" in the Qinsy program folder then this file will be send to the receiver at start-up of Qinsy Controller and whenever an I/O Reset is executed. If the file is not found then it will not send anything to the receiver. Note that you must have a bi-directional serial cable installed between Qinsy computer a receiver in order to do this.

Driver Information

Driver Ashtech CBEN ($PASHR CBN)  Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Terminated <LF> 
UTC Driver (question)  No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvAshtechCBEN.exe 
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Decoding Notes

CBEN message.

Use a "Positioning System Display" to see the number of satellites that was used to compute the GPS position (indicated by the activated satellite buttons) and the PDOP and RMS values.
Use an "Alert Display" to setup a raw data alert for "Position RMS outside limit" or "Quality indicator outside limit".
Use an "Observation Physics Display" to see the three components of the RMS value as quality indicator, or a "Position System Display" where they are the SD-values for the latitude, longitude and height observation.

GPGGA message.

Use a "Positioning System Display" to watch GPS quality indicator (solution mode field), HDOP value and differential corrections age.
Use an "Alert Display" to set up a raw data alert for "Position mode outside limit".

System Configuration

Enable on the receiver the CBEN and the NMEA GGA message.

If PPS is used, the PPS message should also be enabled, and it is important that this PPS message is always the first one of all outputted messages.

Registry Options

Sending configuration file: the timeout that the driver waits after a single line is sent to the receiver is default 500 milliseconds.
If this is not sufficient then you can change the value in the registry.

The following key should be changed:


Registry Key



Wait After Line Send [msec]


Time that is waited inside the driver after sending a line