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Atlas Bomasweep - 26

This driver will be discontinued in a future Qinsy release. Please contact QPS Support if you need to make use of this driver in the future.


Driver for the Atlas Bomasweep.
This sensor consists of a number (49) of separate sensors, each giving a range measurement from the transducer to the riverbed.

Driver Information

Driver Atlas Bomasweep  Interface Type - Driver Class Type Terminated 
UTC Driver (question)  No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvAtlasBomasweep.exe
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Decoding Notes

Only the 4 mentioned data strings (SZ7202, ST0015, PA0020, SZ0014) are decoded.

A quality indicator is decoded from the incoming data. It can be interpreted as a "Brightness Test" flag, 1 stands for a valid beam, 0 for an invalid beam.

Interfacing Notes

A two-way interfacing cable is required for this driver. At startup, the driver sends the last used start/end depth and sound velocity to the unit.
The user may enter the required depths and speed of sound in the GUI and send them to the unit.

Database Setup

Additionally all the transducer nodes must be defined as variable nodes on the vessel. These can be assigned to the system on the last page of the multi-transducer system wizard.

The slot numbers are the locations of the depth soundings in the string. Normally the port side most transducer is number 1.