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Atlas Fansweep 20 (WGS84) - 15


Driver for outputting an ASCII string to the Atlas Fansweep 20 System, output every Qinsy update on the whole second.

The update-rate can be defined as system property in Database Setup.
The string contains NMEA GGA, ZDA and VTG records with data of the selected node.
In the GGA/GLL string the time is that for the position, whilst the time in the ZDA string is that at which the data was put on the output port. 

Driver Information

Driver Atlas Fansweep 20 Interface Type
Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Output Executable DrvOutFanSweep.exe
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Database Setup

The "Atlas Fansweep 20 (WGS84)" version, will present the position as is being output in the GPGGA part, in the WGS84 datum.
The "Atlas Fansweep 20" version will give the positions relative to the survey datum. Note that the correct datum shift parameters must have been entered in the Geodetic part of the DB Setup.

The output rate will be the maximum update rate. It is advised to set the output rate to at least 1 second.


Controller Setup


Except when the "Steered Point" option of this driver has been selected, the appropriate output node must be selected before the driver starts cycling.
After going online with the Controller for the first time, select an output node in the Computation Setup.

In case of outputting the Steered Node position, the user has to set up also one or more Steered Points.