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Atlas Fansweep-Hydrosweep MD2 (Network Clock Sync) - 27


Driver to intercept and decode the UDP/IP network communications between the PC running the ATLAS HYDROMAP CONTROL software and the ATLAS FANSWEEP 20 or ATLAS HYDROSWEEP MD2 Interface Processor. The driver decodes telegram types M-10, M-11, M-12, M-13, M-40 and M-16. The decoded data is presented to the system as TWO Multibeam systems (one per side)  and a Sidescan system with two channels.

The driver will either assume that the ATLAS system is time synchronized to UTC (using hardware PPS interface) or determine the clock time difference between the Interface Processor clock and the Qinsy clock. This clock offset can be determined by time tagging the arrival of the M-40 message and deriving the transmit time that is contained in the message from it. The accuracy of this process will depend on an a low latency network link.

To improve the accuracy of the time synchronization the driver sets the timer resolution to 1 millisecond. This increases the overall scheduling speed of the Windows Operating System. The option can be disabled with a registry key (see below).