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Cable Counter (Red Lion) - 10


Driver to decode cable out range from Red Lion cable counter.

The cable counter is interrogated by Qinsy, and therefore requires an interface cable that allows bi-directional data communication.

Driver Information


Cable Counter (Red Lion)

Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input (two-way)  Executable DrvRedLionCableCounter.exe 
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Decoding Notes

The cable length value is rounded to whole meters (e.g. 2503).

Database Setup

Add a "System" of type "Layback System" to the vessel object in the Qinsy database and select the appropriate driver and interfacing parameters. Press "Next" button.
Add an observation of type "Layback" and select (or add) the node for the tow point (at which the cable out is measured).
Add the node on the fish object (to which the cable out is measured) to this observation and enter a name. Press "Next" button.
Select Observation and set its unit to "Meters". Apply properties and press "Finish" to save system.