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Cable Counter Tension - Speed (MD Totco) - 23


Driver to decode cable out range (payout), wire tension and speed from MD Totco cable counter.

The cable counter sends data continuously to Qinsy.

Driver Information

Driver Cable Counter (MD Totco)  Interface Type
Driver Class Type Terminated
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvTotcoCableCounter.exe 
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Decoding Notes

No conversion factor is applied to the decoded floating-point values.

The sensor unit number is ignored. If the status string is 0000 (OK) then the Quality Indicators of the values are set to zero; any other status string will set the Quality Indicators to --1. One Char.

Alarm responses are ignored.

Database Setup

To decode the Payout ,

Add a "System" of type "Layback System" to the vessel object in the Qinsy database and select the appropriate driver and interfacing parameters. Press "Next" button.
Add an observation of type "Layback" and select (or add) the node for the tow point (at which the cable out is measured).
Add the node on the fish object (to which the cable out is measured) to this observation and enter a name. Press "Next" button.
Select observation and set its unit to "International Feet". Apply properties and press "Finish" to save system.

For the Tension and Speed fields, generic observations should be defined.
First, add a "Miscellaneous system" to the database and select the "Cable Counter Tension / Speed (MD Totco)" driver, using the same I/O interfacing parameters as with the driver used for the Payout (range).
Press the "Next" button to define the properties of the generic observations.
Apply the appropriate conversion factors if any other units are required than feet and lbs.
The slot number should be 1 for the Tension and 2 for the Speed field.