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Drivers Manual

Campbell Scientific CR10 Datalogger - 23


Driver to decode generic observations from a CR10 Datalogger.

The CR10 Datalogger is capable of obtaining data using multiple interfaces.
The driver was designed for RWS Noord Holland, Petten project.
This project gathers meteorological data during the Dutch storm season along the coast.
It measures wave height, wave speeds etc.
The CR10 can be interrogated through several means: direct serial, Satel radio modem and MD9 network connection.

The driver has the following features:

  • Automatically retrieving of data on a user defined interval.
  • Automatically synchronizing of the CR10 internal clock on a user defined interval.
  • Monitoring of real time data.
  • Uploading of logger programs to the CR10.
  • Terminal function for manual control of the logger.

Driver Information

Driver Campbell Scientific CR10 Datalogger  Interface Type Serial/UDP Driver Class Type Interrogated
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvCR10Datalogger.exe 
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System Configuration

Some notes which are not directly clear from the manuals.

For the MD9 to work with Windows, it is necessary that the master MD9 ID is set to 255, this means that all the dip switches in the MD9 are set to open.

Interfacing Notes

Cabling should be as described in the manuals.

Database Setup

To define the observations connected to the datalogger the slot numbers should be defined the way the observations are arranged in the data message (ID 113).
For decoding data from the time string (ID 117) the slot number starts at 21 (the first observation starts after the time string).

The MD9 is a special case. Because multiple MD9's can be defined on the network the slot numbers should be defined as follows: "MD9_ID x 100 + n", where n is the place of the observation in the data message.
So observation 1 for MD9 16 in string 113 will get slot number 1601, observation one in string 117 will get slot number 1621.

Additional Information

For more detailed information on the used equipment see the following manuals:

  • CR10 Measurement & Control Module – Instruction Manual. Campbell Scientific
  • User guide Satelline 2Asx Radio data modem – Satel Oy or Nautikaris bv.
  • MD9 Multidrop Interface – Campbell Scientific.