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Centre Source Position - 12


This driver has user-interface, and is therefore always present in the Windows taskbar, when on-line.

It will calculate a "weighted mean" position from a user-definable list with node positions. The user may give a weight for each selected position. Several methods can be selected to calculate the horizontal and vertical components.

Example of a simple scenario:

The user has an ROV object, positioned by USBL.

In the past you had to create a setup with a loopback cable and an extra output and input driver, to get the calculated ROV position stored in the recorded database. This is not necessary anymore, just select this driver in your setup, and select online the ROV object in the driver's position list.

Example of more complicated scenario:

The user has a vessel that is towing a fish, the fish is towing a centre buoy and the buoy is towing a tail buoy. All these objects are positioned independently, e.g. with USBL. With this driver you can calculate a point somewhere along this chain, e.g. the center of a virtual electromagnetic source.

Further, the driver takes care of the following situation:

When the towfish is lowered, the other towed object (inclusive the "virtual" center source) will normally follow with a delay.  The vertical component for the calculated center source position will be corrected for this delay. All depends on the user-definable settings.

Driver Information

Driver Centre Source Position  Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Freebase 
UTC Driver (question)  No Input / Output Input (User Interface)  Executable DrvCentreSourcePosition.exe 
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Database Setup

Add a new system to your database template of type Positioning System, and select the driver "Center Source Position".

No I/O parameters are needed.


Select on the 2nd page of the wizard for Horizontal and Vertical datum: Survey Datum.