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CutterSuction Tool vdLeun - 31


The CutterSuction Tool driver calculates a relative X, Y, and Z between two objects, a vessel (or ROV) and a CutterSuction head.
It is not a real USBL system, but actually a pseudo USBL system.
It receives, via an A/D converter, vertical and/or horizontal angles.

The driver has a user-interface to enter the range between the 'from' object node and the 'to' object node, (C-O) values, input units (and limits) and angle computation mode.
The driver will use the slant range and the two angles to calculate the pseudo USBL dX, dY and dZ values.

Presently, only the VanDerLeun format is supported (Installatiebouw Van Der Leun, Sliedrecht, Nederland).
The VanDerLeun A/D converter sends four ASCII strings, containing vessel depth or draft ("inzinking"), vertical angle ("hoek ladder"), and two dummy strings which can be used for future driver extensions.