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DCI SBU92 Tide Gauge (Selected Data) - 22


Driver to decode tide heights as transmitted by a DCI SBU92 Radio Tide Gauge, either in 'Snelpeilbericht' output format or 'Geselecteerde Data' output format.

'Snelpeilbericht' messages contain multiple channels (slots).
Some slots contain tide heights, while other slots contain wind speed or direction, or pressure.

Driver Information

Driver DCI SBU92 Tide Gauge (Selected Data)
DCI SBU92 Tide Gauge (Snelpeil Data) 
Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Counted 
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvDCISBU92.exe SEL
DrvDCISBU92.exe RAW 
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Decoding Notes

Data is timetagged when the header of a data message is received, i.e. "[01" for 'Snelpeilbericht' format, or "$" for  'Geselecteerde Data' format.

Tide values are multiplied by 0.01 to convert from cm to meters.

'Snelpeilbericht' channel strings include a checksum character: 128 - ( sum six chars % 128 ). Example.

CheckSum "01+068" is 48+49+43+48+54+56 = 298%128 = 42-128 = -86; 86 = 'V'.

Drivers IO Notes

Command line parameter "RAW" will decode 'Snelpeilbericht' data messages and "SEL" will decode 'Geselecteerde Data' messages.

"NOCS" will not check the checksum in 'Snelpeilbericht' channels.