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Deso 15-20-25 - 01


Driver for decoding a depth sensor message (D# and BC-message) from an Atlas Deso 15 / 20 or 25 echosounder.
The driver will decode the depth reading (in meters) and the bottom condition (as quality indicator) when available.

The D#-message contains data for transducer A or B.
The user can specify which transducer(s) will be used, by selecting the appropriate slot in DB Setup.

The driver will detect how the data string is terminated (<*> or <CR><LF>).
The driver will also detect which Deso format needs to be decoded.

Driver Information


Deso 15/20/25

Interface Type Serial Driver Class Type Terminated
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvAtlasDeso.exe
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Database Setup

Select in Database Setup driver "Deso 15/20/25" and select which channel ('A' or 'B') needs to be decoded.

To decode the data with channel '01' use slot 'A', to decode the data with channel '11' use 'B'.