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Deso 25 DDV (Heave Draft SoundVelocity) - 23


Expansion to the Deso 25 (With Annotation) driver. The  DESO DDV expansion supports decoding messages that contain information about the sound velocity, heave and pitch. The messages are decoded in meters, as this is the measurement unit outputted by the Echotrac CV100.

Driver Information

Driver Deso 25 DDV (Heave Draft SoundVelocity)  Interface Type Serial Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable DrvAnnotate.exe 
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Database Setup

Create a database that has at least the following two Systems:

  • Position Navigation System
  • Miscellaneous System.

The image above depicts such a database. Make sure the following corresponds with your setup:

  • The correct driver has been selected to decode the heave, draft and sound velocity.
  • The correct port number has been chosen. In this example COM port 3 is used. The default parameters (baud rate, stop bits, data bits, parity) will suffice.

This next wizard page shows the Generic Observation Definition. Here a generic observation can be added to decode the draft, heave and sound velocity.
By pressing the  button a pop up will be displayed as illustrated above. In this dialog the observation properties can be entered. A name and slot are mandatory in order for the data to be decoded correctly. The name can be of you own imagination and the slot can be selected from the drop-down box (Draft, Heave, SoundVelo).


Go Online  with the selected database that has the miscellaneous system. Once Online the Observation Physics Display will output the data received from the Echotrac CV100.
Optionally the Generic Display can be configured to also display the data.

Below are two images that show an example of the Observation Physics Display and a Generic Display configured correctly.

The data output is always in meters.