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Driver for DNAVN ASCII Position Archive Data Stream (AUXCOM3) input strings.

Driver to be used to decode strings containing position and solution results from external position navigation systems.

Driver Information

Driver DNAVN AUXCOM3 Position Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Terminated <LF> 
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvAuxcom3.exe 
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Decoding Notes

The following fields are NOT used by Qinsy (with column): course over ground (53), speed over ground (58), 3D position error (63), 2D position error (66), receiver code (78), receiver dynamics (79), position quality (80), differential quality (81), time since last correction (82), satellite data other than PRN numbers.

Drivers IO Notes

Command line option "NOCS" is used to disregard the checksum field; with "CS" this check is always done.