Add short driver description. Pictures should also be added to the Equipment space.

When linking to a certain tab, you can use the following links:

The Format tab is password protected, so a new standard customer will not see the format description. Links to the format description should therefore not be used.

The QPS tab is only visible for QPS-staff and can be used for internal notes.


Don't change the layout by including enters (Heading 2 for example). This will be corrected with the style-sheet.

Driver Information


Name of driver

Interface Type

Network or serial

Driver Class Type


UTC Driver (question)

Yes or No

Input / Output

Input or Output



Related Systems
Related Pages

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Coding Notes

Decoding Notes

Information about the decoding notes of the driver.

Encoding Notes


Encoding notes: Fill in here

Encoding notes but no information, fill in: 'No information available'

No encoding in driver, fill in: 'Not applicable'

System Interfacing

All system interfacing notes should be mentioned here.


  • Timing notes
  • Network settings/interfacing
  • Diagrams

System Configuration

  • Equipment specific settings which are necessary to set to work with QINSy

Qinsy Configuration

Database setup

Detailed information about the template database setup in Qinsy

XML settings

Example of further info which is not set in database setup but belongs to the Qinsy Configuration. When no information is available, delete this section

Qinsy Online

All Qinsy online settings such as:

  • Computation
  • Session Setup
  • Displays
  • etc.

Additional Information

All additional information such as:

  • Registry settings
  • Includes
  • KB articles
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Known problems
  • notes

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