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Eurosense RealTime Draught - 31

This driver will be discontinued in a future QINSy release. Please inform QPS support if you intend to use this driver in the future.


Driver to decode draught measurement from Eurosense Realtime draught system.

Driver Information

Driver Eurosense RealTime Draught
Eurosense RealTime Draught (UTC)
Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Terminated 
UTC Driver (question) No
Input / Output Input  Executable DrvDraughtSerial.exe PASS
DrvDraughtSerial.exe UTC
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Database Setup

The user has to select in Database Setup a system of type Underwater Sensor, and add an observation of type ROV Depth.
The name of the driver must be "Depth - Eurosense Realtime Draught"

The slot number of the observation represents the value to decode as draught measurement: 1 means the first field after the time field, 2 means the second field (if available) and 3 means the third field after the time field will be decoded (if available).

The user may select between two driver entries in Database Setup: one with UTC and one without.
The one with UTC will use the time of the datastring, the other one will timestamp the received datastring when it comes in at the I/O port..