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Fahrentholz BBES - 01


Driver for decoding High and low frequency depth from a serial string sent by a Dr. Fahrentholz BBES black box echosounder system.

The earlier systems BBES 30/70/100/200 will use a fixed sound velocity of 1500 and a draft of 0, newer system with lcd screen can have these values modified by the user.

The driver can decode two types of messages, the short and the longer version of the BBES output string (see below in format description). Driver will automatically decode any of these formats.
The user can specify which transducer(s) will be used by selecting the appropriate slot in DbSetup.

On the left side the earlier BBS system, on the right side BBES-VS LCD.

Driver Information

Driver Fahrentholz BBES  Interface Type Serial Driver Class Type Terminated
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input Executable  DrvQpsTerminated.exe
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Decoding Notes

The sound velocity and transducer depth are not decoded by Qinsy, these values will have to be entered in dbsetup.

The depth is converted from centimeters into meters in the driver.

Database Setup

Select in Db Setup driver "Fahrenholz BBES" and select both channels ('LF' and 'HF').

The Sound velocity and draft that is being output by the BBES via the string is not decoded in Qinsy, instead you will need to fill in the used sound velocity and draft value in DbSetup.
For the earlier BBES models (30/100/200/700) fill in zero draft and 1500 m/s as the sound velocity.
For the newer models with lcd screen enter the sv and draft that is used by the BBES into Qinsy, however it is advised to keep these values at 1500 and 0 respectively to prevent errors.

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