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Generic - Applanix PASHR (Network) - 03


Driver for the Applanix $PASHR message, a customized NMEA ASCII string, outputted via UDP network e.g. from a Trimble/Applanix APX-15 GNSS OEM.

Driver Information

Driver Generic - Applanix $PASHR (Network)  Interface Type Network UDP Driver Class Type Terminated 
UTC Driver (question) Yes Input / Output Input  Executable Applanix$PASHR.ini 
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Besides the accurate UTC timestamp, the roll, pitch and heading observations are decoded, plus the relevant quality indicators.

Note that no heave information is available.

Database Setup

  • To decode the heading, add a "System" of type "Gyro Compass" and select driver "Generic - Applanix $PASHR (Network) ". Enter the correct Port number (UDP) and on the next wizard page leave the Observation Parameters to the defaults.

  • In order to decode the roll and pitch observation, add a "System" of type "Pitch Roll Heave Sensor" and select driver "Generic - Applanix $PASHR (Network) ".
    Enter the same Port number (UDP) as for the "Gyro Compass" system and on the next wizard page leave the Motion Sensor Parameters to the defaults (i.e. Roll convention: +ve heeling to starboard, Pitch convention: +ve bow up).