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Generic - Geometrics G882 TVG Mag-1 (Network) - 31


Drivers Manual for Geometrics G882 TVG when data for multiple sensors is combined in one datastring.
In case you have only one sensor outputting data, you can also use the following driver: Magnetometer - Geometrics G882 Format. (See 'Related Pages' below.)

Driver Information


Generic - Geometrics G882 TVG Mag-1
Generic - Geometrics G882 TVG Mag-2

Interface Type Serial/UDP Driver Class Type

Counted - UDP
Terminated - Serial



UTC Driver (question)


Input / Output






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Coding Notes

Decoding Notes

The system can output data of multiple magnetometer sensors in one string.
"Generic - Geometrics G882 TVG Mag-1" will decode the first part, "Generic - Geometrics G882 TVG Mag-2" will decode the second part.
See Format information for more detail.

This is the same for both the Serial and UDP version of the driver.

Qinsy Configuration

Database setup

The data from the system can be decoded in several ways.

System type Observation Additional info
Magnetometer Magnetic Field Magnetometer value in Nano Tesla.
Magnetic Field Quality Both this observation and Miscellaneous - Signal Strength are decoding the same value from the data string.
Although the observation is labelled 'Quality', this is the signal strength value from the Magnetometer. If you would like this observation to be named 'Signal Strength', set up the related Miscellaneous system (See below).
Underwater sensor Depth Depth below waterline.

Both this observation and Singlebeam - Depth are decoding the same value from the data string.

Singlebeam Depth Both this observation and Underwater Sensor - Altitude are decoding the same value from the data string.
We included the Altitude to be recorded as a singlebeam system so that it can be written to the QPS *.qpd file. This will allow the user to export this value to data types like the OASIS *.gdb file type. 
Miscellaneous Signal Strength Both this observation and Magnetometer - Magnetic Field Quality are decoding the same value from the data string.
Generally this Misc system is only used when users specifically want the 'Signal strength' label on the data coming in. Otherwise this system is not necessary to setup. 


Depending on your setup, you may only require two systems per Mag - the Magnetometer and the Underwater sensor.

This is because of the different methods of decoding the same fields, as mentioned in the above table.


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Underwater Sensor

  • Page 1
  • Page 2
    • Edit Altitude
    • Edit Depth
  • Page 3
    • Altitude
    • Depth


  • Page 1
  • Page 2
    Click Add to select the offset node of the Altitude sensor.
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  • Page 4


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Qinsy Online

Session Setup

Sounding Grid

It is possible to save the following values in a Sounding Grid:

  • Magnetometer value;
    • In order to improve visualization you can set a corridor width for this observation.
      More information in the Help (press F1) in the "Systems" section.
  • Magnetometer Quality;
  • Singlebeam Depth.

DTM file

The data can also be saved in a QPD file.


The following displays could aid in showing Magnetometer data:

  • Navigation display
    • Show Sounding Grid.
  • Timeplot display
    • To show a short timeline of the data.
  • Generic display
    • To show numerical data.
  • Alert display
    • Set an alert on when data is no longer coming in.
  • Observation Physics display
    • To check if the data is properly decoded by the driver.

An example can be found here: Release notes - Qinsy 9.4.4 - Improvements