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Drivers Manual

Geodimeter Aga 140T - 10


Driver for Geodimeter Aga 140T. Used for tracking of objects.

The Aga 140T measures a range, vertical and horizontal angle. These three values are decoded by the driver.

Driver Information

Driver Geodimeter Aga 140T  Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Terminated '>' 
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input  Executable


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Decoding Notes

The decoded angle values are converted to degrees when in grads.  The distance measurements are already in meters. The decoded horizontal angle is with respect to the horizontal orientation in the Aga 140T unit (in the projection grid), and the vertical angle is the zenith angle. Qinsy is expecting true heading and elevation angle, which means (1) that the orientation of the unit must be set before the actual measurements are done, and (2) that the C-O values with the observation definitions must be used to get true headings and elevation angles. The quality indicator reflects error codes if non-zero. The other status codes are found in the Geodimeter Aga 140T manual.

System Configuration

The interface parameters are fixed at 1200 baud, even parity, 2 stop bits used with RS-232C.

Database Setup

Add an "Object" for the target unit.

Add a "Fixed Node" for the Aga 140T setup node.

Add a "Variable Node" (on the target object) for the target unit to be used for online positioning. Be sure to enter its offsets.

Add a "Surface Navigation System" with driver "Geodimeter Aga 140T" and enter the interfacing parameters and latency value.

Add three "Observations", one for the distance (type Range), one for the horizontal angel (type Bearing (True)) and one for the vertical angle (type Vertical Angle).

The vertical angle of the Aga 140T is the zenith angle: a C-O correction of -90 degrees should be applied.

The latency value for the signal sent by radio link has to be set.


At startup choose the range offset value in the dialog, which is always present in the Windows task bar.