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Geomap (Steered Point) - 15


Driver to be used to generate output strings compatible with the geomap system containing position and solution results for a node from the Qinsy system.

The Fish output driver has a hard coded output format.
Output position will always be the current Steered Node, the Line offsets are always calculated for the current selected Mainline.

Driver Information

Driver Geomap
Interface Type
Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Output Executable DrvOutFish.exe 
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Controller Setup


Except when the "Steered Point" option of this driver has been selected, the appropriate output node must be selected before the driver starts cycling.
After going online with the Controller for the first time, select an output node in the Computation Setup.

In case of outputting the Steered Node position, the user has to set up also one or more Steered Points.