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Hypack USB Fixbox - 17


Driver to be used to generate an event output on a Hypack USB Fixbox. Output will be every fix event in an online session of Qinsy.

The fixbox is connected to the PC via a USB connection. An appropriate virtual COM port driver needs to be installed before using the fixbox.

Fixbox is output only, it can not be used to receive events like the QPS trigger boxes can.

Driver Information

Driver Hypack USB Fixbox  Interface Type
Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output
Executable DrvOutFix.exe 99 
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Interfacing Notes

Standard USB cable may be used. 

System Configuration

The fixbox is shipped together with a CD with software. Follow installation guidelines as supplied by Hypack.

A virtual COM port driver should be installed on PC. The virtual com port will get a port number during the installation, this port should be selected in DbSetup for the Fixbox interfacing. 

Database Setup

In DB Setup, add an "Closure Output system" and select the "Hypack USB Fixbox" driver, set communication parameters to 9600,n,8,1.

Update rate will not be used!

The events will occur on every Controller fix.

Further, leave the Closure Parameters Tab sheet for what it is. Settings will not be used for this driver. 


When Online in the Controller, closures will only be generated after you enable the Closure Generation option on the third page of the Session Wizard.

These settings are not saved by the Controller due to safety reasons. 

Drivers IO Notes

Same driver is also used for interfacing to QPS Trigger boxes.

The option is a figure that informs the driver of the fixbox type.


Fixbox type


QPS Triggerbox MkI


QPS Triggerbox MkII


QPS Triggerbox MkIII


QPS Triggerbox MkVI


Hypack USB Fixbox