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IHC Dredge Monitoring (PIHC) - 36


Driver to decode the suction head position (X, Y and Z) from the IHC Dredge Monitoring message as USBL values.
This driver can also compute the Tons Dry Solid (TDS) figure representing the load of the dredger using the generally accepted "Rijkswaterstaat" of the Netherlands - TDS formula.
Therefore it requires the hopper volume and current displacement from the IHC String as well as some user-defined fields.
The user must define a KP versus water density / solid density table and the empty hopper displacement.

The following fields are decoded: X,Y,Z zuigkop (suction head) and baggeren (dredging status)  (8,9,10,3) for USBL and displacement (11) and hopper volume (20) for TDS calculation.