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ISIS (ROV Depth and Altitude) - 31


Driver to decode ROV depth, altitude, gyro and cable out data from ISIS.
ISIS has to be set up to output the desired output format to Qinsy.

Driver Information

Driver ISIS ROV Interface Type - Driver Class Type Terminated 
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvIsis.exe 
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Database Setup

For the Cable Out a range observation should be defined. Select the previously defined "Underwater Sensor" (or add a new one) with the ISIS (ROV Depth, Altitude & Cable Out) driver and enter the serial I/O interfacing parameters.
Add an "Observation" of type "Range" to the system and define its properties.

For the ROV gyro a gyro observation should be defined. First, add a "Gyro's and compasses" system to the database and select the ISIS (ROV Gyro) driver, using the same I/O interfacing parameters as with the ROV Depth and Altitude driver.
Press "Next" button to define the properties of the true bearing observation.