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iXBlue GAPS (USBL INS 1 Message) Position - 12


The iXSea GAPS is a USBL system. The receiver has an integrated GPS and INS, which allows it to calculate absolute positions for all beacons.

Driver Information

Driver iXSea GAPS (USBL INS 1 message) Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Counted 
UTC Driver (question)  Yes and No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvQpsCounted.exe
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Database Setup

The driver supports two types of systems:

  • Position Navigation System
  • Underwater Sensor: ROV Depth

Set the transponder ID as the receiver number in the position navigation system and set the transponder ID as the slot ID for the ROV Depth observation.


Computation Setup

To allow Qinsy to apply tide or other MSL corrections, set the positioning system to Unreliable and use the ROV Depth observation.

On the other hand, to use the transponder height, reported by the GAPS, as an absolute height, disable the ROV Depth observation and set the positioning system to Accurate.

Quality indicator

The quality indicator (QI) of the observations normally shows the SD of the observation.

When the QI of any of the observations becomes -9 this means that the checksum has failed. It is recommended to check the cables and take care of any electromagnetic interference (EMI).
As a last resort, contact our Support department for instructions on how to disable the checking of the checksum.