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iXBlue Octans TAH (PHOCT) (UTC) - 05


This driver is used to decode the iXSEA / iXBlue proprietary NMEA message which starts with $PHOCT.

This message is outputted by the iXSEA / iXBlue:

  • Octans - Motion & Heading
  • HydrINS
  • LandINS
  • RovINS

Motion and heading are decoded depending on the selected/entered slot value(s).

Apart from the Motion: roll, pitch, heave and Heading observations the driver decodes the following additional (miscellaneous) observations:

  • surge
  • sway
  • heave
  • speed
  • surge
  • speed 
  • sway speed

The additional observations are decoded by a Miscellaneous System.

The Heave for the TAH message can also be used as an alternative depth source when using a Fall Pipe ROV.