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iXBlue PHINS (Binary Nav message) Depth (UTC) - 31


This is a driver for the iXSea PHINS Binary Nav message. This message contains information that is not present in most messages, such as rotation rates.

Driver Information

Driver iXSea PHINS (Binary Nav message) Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Counted 
UTC Driver (question) Yes and No Input / Output Input  Executable


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Decoding Notes

All observations in the format description are decoded and converted to the Qinsy default axes and rotation conventions. Note that accuracy of the given rotation rate is limited to 3.6 deg/hour (0.001 deg/s) to 'comply with export regulations'. When the CRC checksum fails, no data will be decoded.

The quality indicator (QI) will be:

  • 0 If the message is decoded correctly and the status is OK.
  • -1 If the message is decoded correctly and the status is BAD.

Database Setup

In the Qinsy Database Setup program, the following systems and observations can be created for this driver:

  • Position Navigation System
  • Gyro Compass
  • Pitch, Roll, Heave Sensor
  • Underwater Sensor: ROV depth
  • Speed Log: angle, speed
  • Acceleration Velocity Sensor: easting speed, northing speed, vertical speed, rate-of-turn X, rate-of-turn Y, rate-of-turn Z

The angle and speed, representing course and speed over ground, are calculated from the easting and northing speed. A moving PHINS will therefore give a more accurate course and speed than a stationary one. It is recommended to use the Qinsy-calculated course and speed.

The driver has two versions: UTC and non-UTC. The UTC version will take the PHINS time from the message as observation time, if there is a valid PPS system defined. In other cases, the arrival time of the message will be used as observation time.