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iXBlue PHINS Standard (PIXSE ATITUD) - 03


This driver decodes iXSea Phins standard output protocol messages.

The Phins standard output protocol messages are NMEA 0183 compatible.
The driver is capable of decoding messages concerning: heading, attitude, position, speed, standard deviations and the Phins status. 

Driver Information

Driver iXSea PHINS Standard Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type Terminated <LF> 
UTC Driver (question)  No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvIxseaPhins.exe
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Decoding Notes

The speed vectors decoded from the "$PIXSE,SPEED_" message are converted to one vertical speed vector: a horizontal speed vector and it's heading.

It is necessary that the complete "Phins Standard" is sent, in order to decode any data. 

Database Setup

To decode the messages mentioned above four systems have to be chosen from in the Database Setup.

  • Heading: Gyro's and Compasses, iXSea Phins standard ($HEHDT)
  • Attitude: Pitch, Roll and Heave sensors, iXSea Phins standard ($PIXSE ATITUDE)
  • Position: Position Navigation System, iXSea Phins standard ($PIXSE POSITI)
  • Speed: Speed Log, iXSea Phins standard ($PIXSE SPEED_)

When using the PHINS on an ROV and to use the height as 'unreliable' height, which means that tide can be applied, the height needs to be decoded as ROV Depth.

  • ROV Depth: iXSea PHINS Standard (ROV Depth from $PIXSE POSITI)

Set the height from the Position Navigation System to 'unreliable' and set the PHINS ROV Depth as the highest priority observation in the Object Height tab.

When one of the above drivers is chosen, the "Phins Status" message will be decode automatically. When an observation is decoded, its corresponding standard deviation message will be decoded too.
The PHINS status bits can be seen in the calculation mode of the positioning system.