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Javad NAVPOS Position - 12


Driver for decoding the Javad NAVPOS message.

This driver can be used as a positioning system but can also decode the quality of the data link, which is used for differential corrections.
The horizontal velocity can also be decoded as a speed.

Driver Information

Driver Javad NAVPOS Interface Type
Driver Class Type Terminated 
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvJavadGril.exe 
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Database Setup

  • Add a Positioning Navigation System
    Select the Javad NAVPOS position and set the correct communication parameters.
  • Add a Miscellaneous System
    Select the Javad NAVPOS (Quality) and set the correct communication parameters. Three observations can be added and each must be given a slot number from the following table:

    Slot nr.



    Data link quality (%)


    Number of GPS satellites


    Number of GLONASS satellites

  • Add a Speed Log System
    Select the Javad NAVPOS Speed and set the correct communication parameters. Next, add a speed observation and give it a correct name. For the unit of the speed select km/h.


The Data Link Quality can be used in an Alert Display or in an Observation Physics Display.

Registry Options

The driver has one extra setting, which can block decoding for a while if the Javad system drops in position calculation mode.

This settings can be found in the Windows registry, at key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\QPS\Qinsy\8.0\Drivers\DrvJavadGril\NAVPOS\Settings\Minimum Position Age [ms]

Default is 1000 ms = 1 second. So if the postitioning system drops in calculation mode, nothing is decoded for one second.