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Keller Series 30 Pressure Sensor (ROV Depth) - 31


Driver can interface to one or more Keller series 30 pressure transmitters.
Via an RS485 converter (i.e. K102 or K107 from KELLER) up to 10 pressure transmitters can be interfaced at the same time.
Driver uses the dll "s30c.dll" provided by Keller. The DLL will be part of the Qinsy Installation CD.
The driver will read the Pressure value P1 from the sensors.

Optionally the driver can write debug information to a logging file, see Drivers IO Notes

Driver Information

Driver Keller Series 30 Pressure Sensor (ROV Depth)  Interface Type Serial  Driver Class Type FreeBase 
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input  Executable DrvKellerDepth.exe 
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Decoding Notes

The slot number is used as the Device Address. If only one sensor is interfaced use device address 250 as slot number.

Multiple sensors can be used as well. Add an observation for each depth sensor with the appropriate device address as slot number to read each value separately.
It is also possible to read the difference value between two devices. In that case add a separate observation with for example slot number 210-204, which means the depth of device 210 minus the depth measured by device number 204.

Only Pressure channel P1 is decoded, P2 is never decoded.

The driver does not apply any factors to decoded pressures, so be sure to enter scale factors and optionally a C-O in Database Setup to convert from pressure to depth.

System Configuration

The interfaced depth sensors should all have a valid device address. This can be setup with the Keller program "Prog30".

If the interfaced pressure sensors are not atmospherically compensated automatically then every so often the sensors needs to be "re-zeroed" for atmospheric pressure change. This can also be done with the "Prog30".

"Prog30" can be downloaded from the Keller website (see below for the URL).

Database Setup

Add a system type "Underwater Sensor" and select driver "Keller Series 30 Pressure Sensors (ROV Depth)".
Select the appropriate COM port. Communication figures, baud rate etc. are not used by the driver.
Also set up the update rate, since an update rate of zero may stress the system, the driver will interrogate at 10 Hz (update rate = 0.10) if such a situation is encountered.
Add an observation either of type "ROV Depth" or "Draft" for every interfaced Pressure sensor.
Select the appropriate survey units, typically meters and scale factor. In order to convert pressure into meters of depth a scale factor of around 10 is commonly used.
Optionally a C-O may also apply.

Make sure to enter the device address as the slot number.

Additional Information

For more information please visit the website of the manufacturer:

Here you can also download the "Prog30" software package.

Drivers IO Notes


If option LOGGING is entered in then the driver will store debugging info into a text file named "drvKellerdepth.log".
This file is created automatically in the 'LogFiles' subfolder of the project folder.
Note that if the file already exists new info is appended at the end of the file.
If a problem is encountered and support from QPS is required then the hand over of the valid log file will contribute greatly to resolving the problem.