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Klein595 SSS (Altitude) (With Annotation) - 31


Driver with user-interface to decode information from a Klein 595 Side Scan Sonar fish.
Driver can also send annotation messages (Fix Marks, SOL / EOL Info, Fix Event Info, etc.) to the side-scan sonar sensor.
Driver with user-interface, so settings can be changed online, by clicking on system button on taskbar.

The driver window displays the user selections. Notice that decoded values are not shown in the display.

Driver Information

Driver Klein595 SSS (Altitude) (With Annotation)  Interface Type Serial/UDP/TCP-IP  Driver Class Type Terminated 
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output Input (two-way)  Executable DrvAnnotate.exe KLEIN595 
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Interfacing Notes

The RS-232 cable must have two-way direction, both receiving (Rx) and transmitting (Tx) data.

The driver will send annotation commands to the unit and will receive the altitude data replies.