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Knudsen Event Marker - 17


 Driver to be used to generate an event marker annotation for the Knudsen 320M Echosounder.
Output will be every fix event in an online session of Qinsy. Knudsen formats are also supported by the  Annotation Driver .

Driver Information

Driver Knudsen Event Marker  Interface Type
Driver Class Type
UTC Driver (question) No Input / Output
Executable DrvOutTxt.exe $PKEL03 
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Database Setup

In DB Setup, add an "Closure Output system" and select the "Event Marker to Knudsen 320M Echosounder" driver and interfacing parameters. Update rate will not be used! The events will occur on every Controller fix. Further, leave the Closure Parameters Tabsheet for what it is. Settings will not be used for this driver.


When Online in the Controller, closures will only be generated after you enable the Closure Generation option on the Fixing tab of the Session Wizard. These settings are not saved by the Controller!


Driver has been replaced by Annotation Driver