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Laser Scanning - LAS - 20


Driver to decode laser data from 2G Robotics ULS-500 laser scanner, or any other laser scanner that outputs data using the LAS format in UDP.

Only use this driver for older scanners, outputting data packets with 1400 points per profile.

Do not use this driver when you are using the newer ULS-500 PRO, outputting packets with 2048 points per profile.

For this please refer to the related page Laser Scanning - 2G Robotics ULS-500 PRO

Driver Information

Driver LAS Interface Type UDP Driver Class Type UdpClient
UTC Driver (question) Yes Input / Output  Input Executable DrvLAS.exe
Related Systems

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Decoding Notes

This driver supports the LAS specification up to version 1.4.

The table below depicts the general format definition for the LAS format.  

Variable Length records
Point data records
Extended variable length records

The entire LAS format must be encapsulated into one UDP packet. Fragmentation over multiple UDP packets is not supported by the driver.

The data decoded by the driver is contained in the "Point data record" structure of the LAS definition.
Specification 1.4 describes 11 formats for the point record format.
All formats are supported, but some point record formats do not support GPS time.
The table below shows which data is decoded by the driver:

Value Decoded from Available in Point Data Record format
X Point data record : X 0 up to (and including) 10
Y Point data record : Y 0 up to (and including) 10
Z Point data record : -Z 0 up to (and including) 10
Intensity Point data record : Intensity 0 up to (and including) 10
Time Point data record : GPS time 1,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
Quality Point data record : User Data 0 up to (and including) 10

Database Setup

First, internally the driver is treated as a multibeam system, creating multibeam 'xyz' observations, therefore you will find the laser system drivers under category type Multibeam Echosounders.

('multibeam' versus 'laser scanning'-terminology: ping = scan, footprint = pixel = pulse, swath = line)

Edit System Wizard

Add a Multibeam Echosounder system to your template setup and select from the list driver "Laser Scanning - LAS".

  • The Port number should be set to the port number the unit will send its messages to.