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Laser Scanning - LEICA HDS7000 50Hz - 20


Driver to decode data from a LEICA HDS7000 ultra-high speed laser scanner, or from a Zoller+Fröhlich IMAGER5010 laser scanner.
This document applies to both scanners, so where ever you see HDS7000 you may read IMAGER5010

Laser stands for  L ight  A mplification by  S timulated  E mission of  R adiation. The laser class used by the HDS7000 is 1 (IEC 60825-1), which is eye-safe. The scanner has a maximum scan range of 187 meters. 

The HDS7000 is capable of scanning in two different modes: Standard Scanning Mode and Profiler Mode.
The laser prism/mirror always rotates at very high speed around a horizontal axis. The entire laser unit may turn, at slow speed, around a vertical axis.

This driver only supports Profiler Mode, i.e. the laser does not scan around the vertical axis (i.e. scanning 'around').

Typical application for scanning in Profiler Mode would be to mount the scanner on top of the roof of a car, together with a GPS receiver and Motion Sensor, in order to scan roads. 

It is highly recommended to interface the HDS7000 with a Time Synchronization (PPS) pulse from an external GNSS receiver, in order to time-tag all data with UTC.