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Drivers Manual

Laser Scanning - LEICA P15 / P16 / P20 / P30 - 20


Driver to decode laser data from a Leica ScanStation: an ultra-high speed laser scanner.

The following models are currently supported: P15, P16, P20, P30, P40 and P50 (see special note below).

Main difference between the different models is the physical maximum range limitation: P15 and P16: 40 meters, P20 and P30: 120 meters, P40: 270 meters, P50: 1000 meters.

Another difference is the laser class being used: The P15 and P20 use class 2, which is not eye safe. The other scanners use the eye safe laser class 1.

Profiler Mode

  • The driver supports the Leica ScanStation only in so-called profiler mode , i.e. the laser unit will not turn horizontally.
    Typical application for scanning in profiler mode would be to mount the scanner on the roof of a car, together with a GNSS / INS system, in order to scan roads.
  • The imaging capabilities of this scanner are not supported by this driver.
  • It is important that your laser scanner device uses the latest firmware (v.2.90 Leica release May 2019).
    Contact Leica or your vendor to check if the latest version has been installed.
    See also the Troubleshooting comments under Additional Information,

Special note for P50 model users with Qinsy 8.18:

Select the P40 driver for this one which should work equally.
In the event that you do encounter problems, please contact QPS with details.

The extra long range mode is not supported in this version: for this you should upgrade to Qinsy 9.0.